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  • Jungle Woods CuttersWood cutting may be a terribly profitable business thus be part of the journey and create some cash.Drive round the jungle and impede the indicated cornered. place them in your truck and transport them back to the desired location. take care as a result of the jungle is full of wild animals thus try and avoid them. create cash and use them to get upgrades. sensible luck and have a good time taking part in Jungle Woods Cutters!
  • New game "Bubble Elements"
    Bubble ElementsAnother shoot the bubbles game, however now around there is a ton of power ups and new game parts.
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    The world's first charter

    Cyrus Charter of Human Rights Cylinder

    First Charter of Human Rights

    am Kourosh (Cyrus), King of the world, great king, mighty king, king of
    Babylon, king of the land of Sumer and Akkad, king of the four
    quarters, son of Camboujiyah (Cambyases), great king, king of Anshân,
    grandson of Kourosh (Cyrus), great king, king of Anshân, descendant of
    Chaish-Pesh (Teispes), great king, king of Anshân, progeny of an
    unending royal line, whose rule Bel and Nabu cherish, whose kingship
    they desire for their hearts, pleasure. When I well -disposed, entered
    Babylon, I set up a seat of domination in the royal palace amidst
    jubilation and rejoicing. Marduk the great god, caused the big-hearted
    inhabitations of Babylon to .................. me, I sought daily to
    worship him. At my de...
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    Part of the life of Cyrus Great

    Nearly 150 years before
    Cyrus was born, the prophet Isaiah foretold his birth, his name, and the tasks
    that the Creator God had predetermined for him to accomplish. The Bible records
    that certain people are foreordained to be born and carry out specific tasks
    for God during their lifetime and a few of these individuals are even named
    before their birth. Cyrus the Great was one of these individuals whom God had
    predestined to play a pivotal roll in his awesome plan for humanity.
    King Cyrus was an extremely
    important person, because God destroyed the Babylonian empire through him, and
    brought a close to a seventy-year punishment of the Jews that God imposed on
    them for their rebellion against him. Also through King Cyrus, God set into
    motion his seventy-week prophecy that fixed the year for the Messiah's death
    and resurrection, and reveals the sequence of events and dates for the Messiah's
    return which will bri...
    Jul 28
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    The first water pipes made ​​of clay that is 2500 years ago, Cyrus the Great ordered the building,This is just one of the inventions of the Achaemenid
    Jul 28
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    Shiraz-it is a city in iran
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